Top ranked players in the world are seen using it because IT WORKS!!

Update 3/12/08: Tiger and many PGA Tour players are seen putting with a line on their ball to help align putts

Update 8/13/04: LINE-A-PUTT seen at PGA Championship at Whistling Straits!
Update 3/26/03: PLAYERS CHAMPAIONSHIP at SAWGRASS -- Many pros now seen putting with a line; some are seen using LINE-A-PUTT.
Update 1/8/06 -- LINE-A-PUTT seen at MERCEDES CHAMPIONSHIP at Kapalau in Maui, Hawaii
Update 5/7/01: LINE-A-PUTT gets highest evaluation and "Best Buy" recommendation from GOLF MAGAZINE! (See the June 2001 Issue, Page 36.) ...and also a good review in the April 2001 issue of Golf Today!

Update 3/20/02: LINE-A-PUTT seen inside Chris DiMarco's golf bag!

December 4, 2001: LINE-A-PUTT received its U.S. patent -- number 6,324,971! The uniqueness of an easy-to-use device to make a precision line is now recognized by the US PATENT OFFICE. (LINE-A-PUTT is the only device available to enable a precision line to be drawn all the way around the ball without a series of shorter lines that may be hard to match up.)

LINE-A-PUTT is approved by PGA Tour Partners!

"After 50 years and more than 50 putters...

A retired 747 pilot, Captain Jerry Urban
tried dozens of putters before
inventing the LINE-A-PUTT
"I played Junior golf in Wisconsin with some prominence. Then an interest in flying took most of my time as I worked to succeed with my dream of a career in aviation. I retired as a 747 International Captain with United Airlines after a 35-year career. I loved golf, became a club maker but did not play a lot of golf. I was a good ball striker, but not a good putter. Let's face it, YOU HAVE TO BE A GOOD PUTTER TO SCORE WELL -- how many times have you been on a par-four in two, only to miss the birdie putt or three-putt for a bogey?! Along the way I purchased or made over fifty putters (please don't tell my wife). I tried every combination of putter head, shaft type, length and grip that I could imagine would help my putting. I could miss a 15-footer by two feet, and I dreaded a four-foot putt!

After much experimentation I invented LINE-A-PUTT (now patented) to put that beautiful line (of any length and any place) on any brand of standard size ball. I had been a twelve handicap and am now able to play in the mid 70's again. LINE-A-PUTT allows me to make more putts and leaves me tap-ins instead of the four-footers that can be so difficult. TRY IT! YOU WILL LIKE IT!!"

- Jerry Urban

How does it work?

It was not the putter. I could not consistently aim the putt correctly as I stood over the ball, even if I read the break of the putt properly.

The world's best golfers line up the printing on the ball, and now an ever-increasing number are seen putting with a line on their ball. Now LINE-A-PUTTTM (patent #6,324,971)) will allow you to mark any standard size ball with a line around the equator of the ball that is much easier to see and align.

LINE-A-PUTT works with any type of putter!

On the green, mark your ball and evaluate the break of the putt. Then replace your ball using the LINE-A-PUTT line to aim your putt along the desired line of putt. As you address the ball, the alignment is done -- judge the distance and stroke the ball with the putter face perpendicular to the line on the ball. LINE-A-PUTT will make a good putter better and will allow a novice to get the ball closer to the hole -- MAKE MORE PUTTS! TRY IT! YOU WILL LIKE IT!

Marking the ball
takes only seconds!

Marking the ball

Marking the ball is simple. The LINE-A-PUTT is designed to fit a standard size golf ball, allowing you to draw a line around the exact equator of the ball. The length and thickness of the line is up to you!
  1. Place ball so that selected area is along rim of LINE-A-PUTT.
  2. Carefully mark a line on the ball holding the pen as shown. (Dri Mark® permanent marker is included with LINE-A-PUTT.)
  3. You can vary the angle of the pen, and re-mark it for a wider line.

Order Today!

You order will be shipped PROMPTLY.
To order your LINE-A-PUTT, just send a check or money order to:

Includes a free Dri Mark® permanent marker!
Jerry Urban
4485 East Stormy Lake Road
Conover, WI 54519
LINE-A-PUTT is only $9.95...
Special introductory pricing: Only $7.95 each!
plus $2 shipping & handling
($5 shipping for outside USA & Canada)
(Send email for volume pricing and international shipping & handling.)

*** 6 for $35, including postage! ***

(Extra $20 shipping for outside USA & Canada)

LINE-A-PUTT makes a great gift for that special golfer in your life!

For more information, send email or call:



New color options!

Text can be printed on your LINE-A-PUTTs --
great advertising for your company or organization!

What golfers are saying about LINE-A-PUTT...

"I used a line on my ball to help me line up my putts...LINE-A-PUTT makes a nice, easy-to-see line on the ball that should help you become a better putter."
- BOB BRUE, Shorewood, Wisc. (Bob Brue played on the PGA and Senior PGA tour for 14 years and was a club Pro for 22 years. Winner of 22 professional golf titles and Senior PGA holder of low putts record of 7 putts for 9 holes and 17 putts for l8 holes, Bob is five-time winner of the Wisconsin Open, elected to Wisconsin Golf Hall of fame in 1979. He has given over 800 instructional clinics and trick shot exhibitions.

"Since I began using LINE-A-PUTT, I have experienced a great improvement in my putting accuracy. This has resulted in lower scores. The more I use LINE-A-PUTT, the better my putting has become. I now stand over a putt with more confidence."
-Dr. R.V.S, St. Germain, Wisconsin

"It's such a basic, simple thing. But you know what? It works."
- Bob Orton, Ft. Myers, Florida

"I think the big thing for amateurs is it also shows them the rotation of the ball. Not just in the right direction, but rolling period. It helps with mechanics. People come in the shop, look at it, and laugh. Then they try it and are amazed."
- Dale Sindt, golf professional at Eagle Ridge Golf Course in Ft. Myers, Florida

Bob Brue, PGA Pro and
WI golf hall-of-famer,
used a lined ball to
set PGA records!
LINE-A-PUTT approved by PGA Tour Partners -- 450 PGA Tour Partners Club Members were asked to test LINE-A-PUTT. The MAY/JUNE 2000 issue (page 86) shows the Member Tested Seal of Approval. Robert Schechter, Greensboro, NC, wrote, "What a simple, yet great device!"

Note that some prominent PGA and LPGA Tour Players are seen putting with a line on their ball to align their putts. TRY IT! YOU WILL LIKE IT!!

LINE-A-PUTT in the news:

Read about LINE-A-PUTT in the May 3, 2000 edition of Southwest Florida's News-Press

Read the publisher's review of LINE-A-PUTT in the April 2001 issue of Golf Today magazine

Read the review in the June 2001 issue of Golf Magazine

Read the article in the May/June 2001 issue of Wisconsin Golfer.

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